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The Reasons You Need a Professional Lawn Service

It’s 9 AM on Saturday morning, what are you doing? Hopefully, it’s not yard work. While some people take great pleasure in doing yard work, others view it as a chore. You might think that having a professional lawn service is expensive. However, after you weigh the cost of everything, it might not be as expensive as you think.

Cost of lawn equipment

If you have never bought lawn equipment before you might be in for some sticker shock. If you want to buy a riding mower because you own a sizable amount of property. You are looking at spending at least $1,000. Riding mowers start at around $1000 and drastically increase. The price depends on the brand and the width that the mower cuts.

If you have a smaller yard you might decide to get a push mower. Push mowers are a cheaper alternative, but a decent one will still set you back several hundred dollars. Purchasing the mower is not the end of your expenses. You have to also buy gas for the mower. There’s also the hassle of taking the mower to the shop, for service and sharping the blades. Also, will you need to purchase a trailer to transport the mower or do you already have a truck? If not, you will have to pay to transport the mower to the shop.

You still have more shopping, you still need an edger, a string trimmer, and a blower. These three things range in price from $100 to $300/$400 each. You might also want to pick up some spare string and oil while you’re at it. By now you’ve spent around $2000 dollars buying the average lawn equipment.

Time spent doing yard work

Let’s face it, most people work at least a part time, if not a full time job. Who wants to spend one of their two days off a week doing yard work. Time is also valuable. By hiring a lawn company, you can spend more time doing what you want to do on your time off.

The benefit of hiring a lawn company is simple, you get to have your free time. Additionally, you don’t have to have all of that pricey equipment laying around. A lawn care company owns all of that equipment and then some (power rakes, chainsaws, aerators etc…). The lawn company also takes care of that equipment which means one less headache for you.

Get a free estimate from Clean Cuts of St Augustine for Professional Lawn Service

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