Florida Friendly Yard

5 Steps to a Florida Friendly Yard

A Florida friendly yard or lawn will save you time, money, and protect our water system. For example, plants that are low maintenance means less time maintaining, and more time to do the things you enjoy.

Choosing the right plants

The best plants to chose are low maintenance. Also the plants that work with the light, soil, climate and moisture level of your yard. When choosing multiple plants, group the plants together that have the same requirements

Water efficiently

Water plants only when they need water, which is not necessarily every day. When watering the lawn and plants, make sure that you are watering in the early morning or in the evening. This prevents the sun from evaporating the water before it can reach the roots. Also, make sure that your sprinkler system is working correctly, watering the turf and plants, not the sidewalk and driveway.

Collect and use rainwater for a Florida Friendly Yard

Buy a rain barrel, they are readily available in the garden departments of home improvement stores. Rain barrels will collect rain water from the wetter times of the year. You can then turn around and use the water during the drier times of the year.

Fertilize appropriately

Fertilize only when needed, and take great care to read and follow all the instructions.

Raise mower blades

Always make sure that you or the company you use always uses the highest recommended setting for your grass. For St Augustine grass this is 4-inches. By mowing the grass higher, the roots will grow deeper. This allows sod to survive dry spells better and fight pests and disease easier.

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